Why should you avoid Robots in your home?

In the previous week, Anki, a company known for producing adorable robots, seized the production of virtual assistants. However, they were earning quite a good profit in this domain. But, they still stopped its production. What went wrong with the company? Read to explore more.

It is with a heavy heart to inform you that Anki has ceased product development and we are no longer manufacturing robots,


Price is too high

Robots can be quite useful to humans. They provide ease to humans while working for them. But, they are too expensive.

Why should you pay $100 just for cleaning the shelf for a few months? Yes, the lifetime of robots is really short. They run out of resources. This means you are throwing buckets of money down the pool.

They will become obsolete in the market

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Sphero, the robot manufacturing company in Colorado, manufactured a robot to keep its long-term licensing deal with Disney. As time passed, the robot was made operational in theaters and even worked on the basis of iPhone commands. But, it failed to keep updated with technology and later tailed off and its sales dropped badly.

Consequently, Sphero decided to move sharply and diverted its attention to educational sectors. Making schools as a new target. It made robots which can never become outdated.

We at Sphero are in a unique position since we are a category leader in this space and already partner with more than 40,000 teachers across all subjects at 20,000 schools,


By thinking something big, Sphero was able to create something that will be useful for the future.

To date, more than 1.4 million students have been positively impacted through Sphero Edu and our work to educate kids surrounding technology and computer science. We have an entire team dedicated to working with teachers and administrators in order to bring Sphero into the classroom.


They are not safe

Robots move across in homes and interact with our children. They are not entirely safe at this point. Most of the robots are voice-activated and they are connected to the internet as well. This means they can be anonymously controlled by any stranger and that is dangerous. However, companies like Sphero, Anki, and Reach take charge of developing a robot with the best precautionary measures. Their robots are much more safe to use. Thus, parents need not worry about them.

They aren’t that useful

Robots are now dedicated to separate work. Looking at some fictional robots, R2-D2 is a stocky little engineering bot while Wall-E is designed to pick up the trash. Unfortunately, paying a huge amount of money for these small tasks sounds weird. But if a robot can hug you, look upon you while working for you such as vacuuming the floor, washing dishes, cleaning windows, then people are more likely to buy them.


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