Team Building The Fighter Pilot Way

Afterburner has been delivering Team Building programs in Australia and Asia for over twelve years. Our pilots and clients have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to bring their two worlds together, if only for a day or two! One of the key reasons for the success of our team building programs (and our unique point of difference) is the genuine motivation and interest our coaches — all fighter pilots — have for sharing the lessons they’ve learned after having millions of dollars invested in them by the Government.

Why a 98% Success Rate Beats a 13% Success Rate

Fighter pilots execute their missions successfully over 98% of the time, which in their world is business as usual. It isn’t something they take particular attention on, it’s the benchmark and it’s consistently achieved. In business, the consensus on organisations successfully executing their strategy is anywhere between 13–30%. That’s quite a difference. We’ve realized over time that there are a few key reasons for this differential in performance and they may not be the reasons you think.

Turning Average Joes into Elite Performers

For starters, the majority of fighter pilots are incredibly average and the individuals coming though the recruitment process aren’t exactly ‘super stars’ in any particular field. So it’s safe to say that trainee fighter pilots aren’t elite athletes, academic geniuses or groundbreaking theorists. However something very special happens once these ‘average Joes’ walk through the door to pilot training.

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A very sophisticated and proven system switches into gear and transforms these men and women into some of the world’s most highly effective practitioners on earth. This system is what we call the Flex Methodology — a simple, repeatable and effective tool that delivers some extremely useful outcomes including:

  1. Situational Awareness: The ability to source the right information at the right time to empower an individual to make a decision that results in an effective action being taken.
  2. Alignment: By aligning small teams around a common purpose and clear objectives we create a solid mechanism to create situational awareness and share it quickly amongst the team.
  3. Debriefing: By looking back at our performance and quickly stepping through a very simple and structured review process we create and adapt our future objectives based on the real world, moving away from our dependence on forecasts and planning using assumptions rather than facts.
  4. Focus: Through the application of Flex we’re able to gain awareness of when we’re suffering from task saturation (stress) and quickly follow a simple method to find our focus and return to an even keel.

Avoiding Task Saturation

It sounds simple right? Well it is. However the reality is, organisations struggle to ‘let go’ of complicated process and the false belief that focusing on many tasks with a few key people equals success. The reverse is actually true. By following a simple process, focused on achievement of no more than three objectives results in 98% achievement of those objectives, rather than 30% of the many tasks that swamp us every day in today’s workplace.

The Two Day Team Building Program

Through participation in a two day dynamic team building program, we are able to educate an organisation on how and why simplicity works, based on real world examples of success in the fighter pilot world and business. We are able to break through functional silos by participating in a fun and energizing team planning exercise where teams are able to ‘experience’ the world of fighter pilots and in particular time sensitive mission planning.

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We are able to apply the lessons learned to an organisation’s REAL WORLD challenges and take these lessons into the future. Our second day is an immersive planning workshop where an organisation and their teams will leave with:

  1. 3 strategic objectives;
  2. 3 supporting objectives for each leader; and
  3. 3 enabling objectives for each member of the team, for a 90 day period, to be applied within the business to drive real and effective change.

Team building can be fun, dynamic, energizing and most importantly relevant to an organisation’s day-to-day operation. At Afterburner we think that’s common sense or what we call a “no-brainer”. Why would you conduct a team building exercise without extracting as much value for your organisation and in turn the clients and customers you serve? We don’t think of it as team building anymore. For us it’s all about team growth and transformation!

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