Launching AfterCross — Wallet Business Cards for iOS

We’ve redesigned AfterCross from the ground up to make your business 
cards work like paper, yet be paperless.

We’ve listened, observed and learnt from our experiences with networking first hand. When we see how people connect at events, from handing over a phone and typing in personal details to even writing down phone numbers and emails on a napkin…

That made us think a new way of exchanging cards should exist. While a business card only represents a simple exchange, a LinkedIn or Twitter on-the-spot connection creates long-term engagement. We all want lasting relationships. We want to follow the work of the interesting people we meet and, in turn, lead them to check out our own.

So, Why AfterCross?

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots now will somehow connect in your future.” Steve Jobs

We built AfterCross to help ourselves advertise our work to anyone we meet and to gain followers and clients. Not having a card to present may be a missed opportunity for you in the future.

AfterCross accepts logins from your existent LinkedIn or Facebook accounts to create a digital card that will promote your brand informatively, altogether with your contact information. Always ready to exchange anytime, anywhere and across any device. A beautifully designed card, unique to the user, will be wirelessly delivered to make sure you stand out to any new contacts.

It worked for us. It is a way to not only share your professional email or phone number but as a means of demonstrating a little bit more about yourself and your career. We all have a passion or product that we would like to share.

Business cards are so often associated with professional life that we underestimate their use as means of connection with new friends or colleagues who share the same interests and passions as ourselves. Opportunities can come from anywhere, and when you least expect them.


AfterCross creates a card from your online professional profile and delivers it via SMS, Email, WhatsApp or any other third party app. Your new contacts don’t need to have our app to have you where they need it most: Their email client, contacts list, and on social networks.

Our key points

Create: You don’t need to create an account with us. Just login with your LinkedIn or Facebook account. We only read your name, position, company and profile photo. A card with your logo is automatically and intuitively, designed.

Personalize: Add you twitter, website, blog etc. So others can discover you. Optionally, you can also add a phone number.

Exchange: Share your card via iMessage/SMS, email, WhatsApp, Airdrop or any other third party app. All messages contain your vCard which any recipient can save and sync in their phones. A beautiful paper-card-like template is sent to make you stand out.

Organise: We can always forget the people we meet in our busy work/life schedules. AfterCross allows you to import your current contacts list and tag new contacts based on how or where you met. Search and find them quickly, and easily, later on.

Connect & Chat: We don’t feel like sharing our phone number at all times. We built a chat option so that you and the people you share cards with can easily message one another directly on the app.


Several apps have offered the ability to scan cards and record the data, thus adding to the process of paper based communication rather than streamlining it. Another avenue of mixed results is QR codes, which require the other user to already have a QR reader. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Near Field Communication was an interesting development a few years ago, though it never seemed to build up the marketplace traction it declared as the future, and by the time Google acquired Apps such as Bump it was to take them in a completely different direction.

A step further, Event Mode

Passively advertise your card to users within a 15-metre radius from you and discover who else is around. No need to check-in at any place and no GPS, Wifi or 3G are used for Event Mode, just turn on Bluetooth and share yourself and your business with likeminded individuals at the times it matters most!

Advertising yourself and your brand while discovering others offers the opportunity to meet people in front of you otherwise you will miss.

We’ve tested at MeetUps, co-working spaces and freelancers’ events. We can assure you, once you’ve checked out AfterCross you’ll be as amazing and excited as we are! It’s all about people.

You can check more about us and download our app by visiting

What’s Next

We have our pipeline full of your requests. See of the most important upcoming features

  • Full Contact and Clearbit API to gather for you all your new contact’s social profiles.
  • Zappier and IFTTT integration. Export all the new card directly to your CRM apps.
  • into your profile.
  • Multiple profiles, multiple cards. Different cards that fit each of your needs wherever you go.

Get your hustle on! Tell us what you think and join the revolution!

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