Snow in the metro area

January 3, 2016 | 23:42

The snow began to fall again, drifting against the windows, politely begging entrance and then falling with disappointment to the ground

At 07:24 I was woken up by my dad who said there was snow outside, and I didn’t believe me but he wouldn’t leave until I got up to see for myself. So I did, and he wasn’t lying the snow was falling quite rapidly and then I fell asleep again for another hour. Got up at 9am and outside it was whiter with at least half an inch of snow but that was enough for me to be happy. Church service was canceled, and school is delayed for two hours as of right now. Many want it to be canceled just to have an extra day off but if is canceled then we don’t have semester break in mid January. But I don’t want to school either and just want it to melt after they cancel school because if my dad doesn’t go to work on Monday or Tuesday he will get behind and that means no California trip on Wednesday through Sunday.

Snow, so soft, light, chilly and beautiful. Makes the dark nights and mornings a little brighter with the white on the surface. I enjoy snow so much too bad pdx and couve area don’t get much snow. Today was the first real snowfall in two years, and we’ve gotten sleet couple days or weeks ago but today was sticky snow and icy showers. Enough snow business, let’s get to the real talk. I really want to start writing stories of people rather than it being like this blog where I say what happened in my life but I want to say what happens in someone else’s life. If you talk to me on a daily basis, please and I’m encouraging you to talk to me and I’ll let your voice known. That being said this was quite a sucky blog and boring please please forgive me for writing this one and talk to me.

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