afterglow — development log #9

We’re getting there. Soon.

Status quo

We didn’t bother you last week, because (like we predicted) there wasn’t much to tell you. In the last two weeks, we had to pause one week but had some heavy refactoring going on in the rest of the time. The refactoring and the unit tests are nearly done.

There are some new issues which started to appear as we are tying up all the refactored classes. But we expect to get ahead of those issues pretty soon, it’s just some minor stuff.

Also, we included the update to video.js 5.0, which needs to be integrated perfectly.


We currently think that a release of v0.3 might be realistic within one or two weeks from now. After having sorted out the issues and bound all the stuff together, we will run a lot of browser tests and create a dark and a light theme for the player.

New forum online

We have pushed the community forum to a new software. Read all about it here: Thanks to the guys who create Flarum. Great project!

Stay tuned! :)

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