afterglow v0.3 beta released

We’re finally there. With this release, afterglow takes a huge step towards v1.0 and a stable life. The entire release was about refactoring the entire project. The core functionality is now completely based upon ES6 classes and fully unit tested. Also, afterglow does now build upon video.js v5.0.2.

So, some quick news about what changed:


  • There now is a dark and a light skin, both based on afterglow’s default skin.
  • Afterglow has completely been rebuilt. It does now consist of ES6 classes and is fully unit tested.


  • afterglow is now running on video.js v5.0.2. This is a big step on our way to a stable 1.0 release! Thanks to the team behind video.js!
  • We got rid of the $dom dependency. From the start, we wanted afterglow to rely on as few dependencies as possible, so we do now use pure Javascript solutions.
  • When clicking the playbutton, afterglow will now stop all other players on the same page.
afterglow’s new light skin

Again: Thanks to all those people who make creating afterglow possible by donating or by creating open source software on which afterglow can rely.

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