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Safer Internet Day 2017 will be officially celebrated in the U.S. through a live event held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA on February 7th. Host will bring together over 200 students, adults, industry experts, and others in an event that will be streamed to schools around the U.S.

“The day represents an important opportunity to educate our youth, their schools, and parents on safe online activities,” says ConnectSafely CEO and technology expert Larry Magid.

After School, the largest teen-focused social network in the U.S., will participate in the event. Company Vice President Jeff Collins will speak on the “Youth & Tech Industry Issues in Perspective” panel, which will explore how an environment of seemingly ever-present technology and social media is both impacting, and simultaneously being shaped by, young people.

“We’ve seen the impact social media can have on the lives of youth here at After School, and it’s an encouraging story. But what’s also clear is that there is a need to work across sectors to help young people become responsible digital citizens who harness the power of communications technology and social media to make a positive difference in people’s lives” says Collins.

Representatives from Google, Facebook, LifeLock, Microsoft, National PTA, and students will join Collins in sharing their experiences with technology and social media. To learn more about the event, contact or visit the event page on here.

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Anonymous confessions and message board for your school.

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