The top 5 not to be missed trekking expedition in Nepal best for your summer expedition

Finally, the ideal time has arrived when you can get an adventurous escape from your busy life and explore the beautiful as well as adventurous expeditions in the great Himalayan ranges. Yes, you read it right, the ranges which are famous for its risky, thrilling yet amongst the most preferred spot for the climbing, hiking and trekking by the people across the world.

Well, now when you have made up mind to visit the place, the myriad of peaks before you choose which should be endured, it is necessary to have the general information for all the relative aspects.

The Himalayan ranges covering the India, Nepal, Bhutan and China and also it is the natural border between the countries. The trekking expedition starts from various places, but the best can be enjoyed in the Nepal. The place is best due to its safety as there is a tribe of the ‘Sherpas’ to help, train and assist you right throughout the journey. On the question that whether it is safe to choose such campaigns? Yes, as they are regulated by the mountaineering associations who are responsible as well as they classify the peaks into groups.

To begin with, the top peaks the below-mentioned information is a snapshot of a few of the famous Himalayan peaks:

1. The Everest base camp trek- the Mount Everest peak is 8,848 meters above from the sea level and therefore it is one of the daunting treks to reach. This is why the base camp trek is enough for the civilians to feel the thrill and adventure of the mighty mountain. The trek usually lasts for 16 days, but the climatic conditions may break it.

2. Kanchenjunga expedition- next to Mount Everest it is the second highest peak in Nepal but the peak is in the list because it is known as the safest to trek even at 8,586 altitude. However, the peak has never been conquered, but you can enjoy the thrills for a short height which is definitely not easy.

3. Mera peak climbing- It is the most famous highest trekking peak with an altitude of 6,476 meters. The whole journey can be experienced in 3 segments which start from the rhododendron forests leading to Himalayan villages and lastly the peak itself. Though the height is not easy to reach, but still the difficulty level at the place is comparatively less. The duration of the whole expedition is around 16–17 days.

4. Chulu West Peak- The peak lies in the Annapurna region of Nepal at an altitude of 6419 meters, which offers you the magnificent view of the hills and natural beauty. Though the trekking requires basic skills, but the proper assistance is still the necessity. The duration lasts for usually 22 days, but the climatic conditions may vary it.

5. The Upper Mustang Trek- The trek is ideal to discover the hidden Buddhist kingdom; in fact, the term ‘Mustang’ means forbidden. The place is full of peace, entity and purity. The trek is at an altitude of about 3600 meters, which is easy to access and what you explore next is worth time and money giving. Duration for this trek is around 17 days.

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