Dont let fear control you !

HI guys , well this is my first story on medium so its a kind of presentation . i am gonna mainly review some manga and tv series here : i actually created a blog a while ago but unfortunately only a few noticed it and i felt like all my efforts are a waste until one of my friends suggested to me “medium” . so yeah i am kinda of gonna re share my first blog , hope you have fun !

In the first article of my blog . I’m going to talk about how hard it was to start this , blogging and stuff you know . At the beginning , when the idea came up I thought “ how am I going to do it ? Will people like what im gonna say ? Will I have to share my articles on Facebook and pages ? Will people even notice my blog ? Or am I starting this just to waste my time like im used to .. 
 the thoughts kept bursting into my head , The fear that suffused my body was so strong that I was unable to think straight : I nearly gave up on the idea so i decided to lay down a bit on bed , and then I remembered this scene from “ space brothers “ a brilliant manga made by Chūya Koyama that I recommend to anyone even those that don’t even read manga , it talks about the life of two brothers that decided to become astronauts since their childhood and the hardships they faced to make this dream happen “Hibito and Mutta”

while Hibito was walking on a straight path to achieve his dream , Mutta gave up from the beginning and became an engineer , until fortunate events happened and he decided to start from the zero again ,so in this one chapter he was asked “ who is your greatest enemy ? ” he replied : “Most of the time, I’m my own worst enemy” he said that because he nearly gave up on his dream , because of fear , the fear of choosing a path where you don’t know what will happen in the future , a path where’s there is a huge risk and a few could success .

Another scene that inspired me a lot was from the The SOPRANOS considered one of the best tv series ever , when Christopher decided to give up on his dream because of the shame and fear that he actually could make it in the cinema industry

So yeah i thought my first article should be about fear and the huge impact that it has on us , which leads us most of the time to make wrong miserable decisions , while relating it at the same time to manga and tv series which most of us youngsters are a fan of :) so you can guess that in my blog , I will mainly review manga , anime ,tv series … etc and maybe talk about life matters sometimes .

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