Cadlao Lagoon — The Highlight of Tour D

Tour D is often left off travellers itineraries for El Nido. There are a few reasons for that:

  • Cadlao Island, where the tour is based, is located very close to the main area of El Nido. This causes travellers to wonder whether or not it’s good value to pay for a boat to take them to an island that looks so close by
  • The main draw, Cadlao Lagoon, isn’t as famous as the Big and Small Lagoons. How many lagoons are travellers expected to visit?
  • After Cadlao Lagoon, the rest of the stops are just various beaches around the island

Rome, the Eternal City, needs no introduction. The cultural capital and an essential stop for anyone visiting Italy. These our are top 10 things to do:

Milos, one of the lesser known Greek islands, has a lot to offer for all travellers. Unique beaches, coastal adventures, welcoming villages and a surprisingly rich history are some aspects that make Milos the perfect active and relaxed travel destination.

We caught a morning flight from Athens to Milos, hopped into a taxi upon arrival and made our way to Pollonia. Unfortunately we arrived at the beginning of a very windy week but weren’t disappointed with Milos’ natural beauty unfolding before our eyes at every turn. Milos has an intriguing charm with plenty of surprises waiting to be discovered.

In Summary

Day 1

  • Checking…

Is Santorini overrated?

We knew that the stunning landscapes and gorgeous sunsets would be lovely, but would we be surrounded by a Disneyfied version of Greek culture and unbearable hordes of tourists?

Santorini is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world so it’s natural to have these fears. What we found was fakeness existed in certain areas, but authenticity and kindness always surrounded it.

In Summary

Day 1

  • Checking into guesthouse
  • Exploring Finikia
  • Watching the sunset in Oia

Day 2

  • Exploring Oia and Amoudi Bay
  • Dinner at Lefkes

Day 3

  • Trek between Oia and Fira

Day 4

Day 5

  • Boat…

Venice would be our first stop during a 2 week trip to Italy and our expectations were high. Venice is, after all, one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has a fascinating history and beautiful architecture, all sitting on top of a unique city map of winding, maze-like canals that is, unfortunately, in the process of sinking thanks to mass tourism and climate change.

We arrived at 3 am after a delayed flight from Santorini. …

“Hidden Beach” — A destination of Tour C

El Nido translates to ‘The Nest’. It gets its name the edible nests of the Swiftlet which are plentiful amongst the limestone cliffs of Bacuit Bay. Harvesting these nests was originally one of the primary sources of revenue for the area, alongside fishing.

Things are obviously different now, as El Nido has become world-renowned for its incredible natural beauty. Tourism is now the major driving force behind the region's economy, and the area boasts a huge amount of activities that will please any type of traveller.

From adventure to relaxation, El Nido ticks all the boxes. We spent 5 days…

The secluded beach at Sunset Colours

We arrived in Port Barton after 2 delayed flights and a tightly-packed, cosy van ride from Puerto Princesa. After hopping out of the van we put on our backpacks and began what was a “10–15 minute walk” towards our guesthouse. Weary from our long journey and after having to pay a 50 peso environmental fee for entrance, we felt underwhelmed as we walked past the rather unattractive part of town surround the bus station into town.

This feeling turned swiftly to excitement as we hit the coastline. That feeling of finally arriving to the destination set in. …

Our boat for the day, anchored outside German Island

The most popular activity to do across Palawan is island-hopping tours. Some of the coastal towns are beautiful in their own right, but the true beauty of this region lies in the thousands of small islands that scatter across the bays, which you can’t see without a boat.

Port Barton is no exception. When in the town, you will see plenty of these tours advertised. Similar to El Nido, they are advertised as Tour A, Tour B, etc. These all include buffet lunches, life jackets, and mask & snorkels (depending on the locations).

We booked our group tour with our…

This post refers to cities in South East Asia where its popular for tourists to rent scooters. I feel compelled to write this as I continuously read suggestions to rent scooters in other blog posts.

Some background

We were inspired to write this post after visiting Uluwatu in Bali. Despite being such an amazing place to visit, we were let down by the transport options outside of renting a scooter. The primary reason for this was due to the local taxi mafia, who charge ridiculously high amounts to drive tourists around the area. Think $10to $15USD to drive less than 2kms.


Before we set off to the Greek Islands for 8 days, we had 2 full days to explore Athens, the ancient capitol of Greece.

In Summary

Day 1

Day 2

  • Food excursion in Monastiriki and surrounding areas
  • The Acropolis
  • Watched a film at Thision Open Air Cinema

Transport from the Airport & Where to Base Yourself

We arrived in the late afternoon on a miraculously on-time plane from London. After getting our bags we bought a ‘Tourist Ticket’ from the metro station. This ticket includes return to and from the airport and unlimited use of the Athens…

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