I’ve Just Discovered Medium And Here’s My Proposition… Simply Add Value. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

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On the back of recent growth in LinkedIn connections/followers (currently at just over 27k), I’ve received an increasing number of questions on a wide range of topics.

However, and unfortunately, due to the sheer number of messages (thank you all for reaching out!), I'm unable to respond to everyone in a timely manner (sorry!).

I’ve also just discovered Medium (yes, I’m quite late to this party!). As a result, and in an effort to leverage these powerful platforms in the most efficient way that I know, I’ve decided to address common subjects/questions/topics that people are reaching out to me about via LinkedIn and Medium posts/articles in addition to my usual informative and informational posts on LinkedIn.

I see my presence on such platforms as one of adding value to the reader, whoever that may be, regardless of background, education, gender, interests, etc.

My ‘why’ is simple:

Everyone has knowledge, insight and wisdom. Sharing it costs NOTHING.
(You can argue that there’s an opportunity cost of time for writing/blogging, however, my counterargument is that it’s an investment in my writing skills, which I’m hoping to develop).
If any of my content can add value to a single reader, it’s served its purpose.

If there's enough demand on a particular topic:

  1. I’ll happily do the research.
  2. I’ll digest the information.
  3. I’ll present any findings in a concise and easy to read format.
  4. I’ll share it with you all.

As ever, feel free to share with anyone, clap, and comment.

Thank you for reading my first post and have a great rest of week!

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