Does this ring true with anyone? How do you balance your interests? Which environments do you thrive in? How do you find your fit?
To the Drifters, Makers, Why-Askers, and Systems Thinkers…
John Cutler

I believe the overall response to your article says it - there a lot of people who identify with your narrative.

It’s really difficult balancing interests and there is so much to read, there is an always increasing reading list (shame I didn’t read in my younger years when I had so much time). I would like to attend so many more conferences to learn from experts and like minded people and also be organised enough to find the time to blog and share what I have going on in my head.

I haven’t drifted enough yet to be able to say where I thrive, not sure if I would ever be able to explore enough to find out where I could have been the most effective; so many different interests and so little time, the usual rat race of life to worry about to give you some stability!

Should we organise a conference/meetup?

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