Premature Obituaries

In 1894, The Times newspaper predicted…

“In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure.”

During that time, in order for these cities to function, they were dependent on thousands of horses for the transport of both people and goods.

New York had a population of 100,000 horses producing around 2.5m pounds of manure a day. Additionally, each horse also produced around 2 pints of urine per day. The mixture of the urine and manure attracted huge numbers of flies which then spread typhoid fever and other diseases. It was a huge mess!

The terrible situation was debated in 1898 at the world’s first international urban planning conference in New York, but no solution could be found. It seemed urban civilisation was doomed.

Whilst the bad news was getting all the press however, Henry Ford had been working on and did come up with a process of building motor cars at affordable prices. Electric trams and motor buses appeared on the streets, replacing the horse-drawn buses. By 1912, this seemingly insurmountable problem had been resolved.

Fast forward 100+ years , we’re in a similar situation. The things that capture the press and get most social media coverage are similar “Woe is us” stories. “Our morals are dead”,“our country is doomed”, “Kampala men/women are all crooks” and more recently now “the church is full of thieves and hypocrites.”

All of this may have proof as tangible as the horse manure on those streets back then. You may even have suffered a ‘disease’ from the flies attracted by the manure. BUT! It’s a premature obituary.

Like the 10 of the 12 Israeli spies sent to survey the promised land and despite having seen the richness of the land based their report on how the inhabitants were giants and as such the Israelites were unable to take the land, it negates what God is doing, and what He has done. John quoting Jesus writes:

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 NKJV

These seemingly insurmountable problems of governance, morality, global warming or things more personal like relationships,finances, or health, we may find no solutions in the direction we’re looking, but I’m confident there are solutions. Only need not to despair.

Cheers ☺

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