My journey with TIR part 1

I have been interested in personal development for years now. I have been watching motivational videos of a famous mentors and read different books. I have always set goals very high. They seemed undoable at first but somehow I managed to accomplished them. This of course didn’t happen overnight, I did sacrificed a lot, I did cried many times of exhaust and routine which sometimes bothered me. Discipline is the most difficult habit you need to gain however if you are going after you really want, seems to be a lot easier. I accomplished all of these beautiful dreams that I had and somehow I didn’t feel as happy as I thought I would be. I felt constantly exhausted, missed my kids a lot, I lost a balance in life. I have everything I wanted and I didn’t feel happy, my results dropped in every area of my life. I felt miserable. I thought is this how it should be like ? if this is what I have been looking for — was it worth at all.

I kept thinking about what happened and why am I not getting the results I wanted and I should have been getting. I started attracting different people and got really interested in different programmes of the biggest mentors. I started my journey with TIR

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