They don’t really know each other but she feels , she’s known him for years. She doesnt love him but she got emotionally attached. He is very handsome and smart. They seem to have a lot in common. She can’t stop thinking about him. They met online. She wouldn’t be normally open to other men but he simply had something she just couldn’t resist from the beginning. She loves he is passionate and determined in life.She would love to sink in his arms and just be in this beautiful moment. She would love to get to know every bit of his body and just be there with him. This feels like a magnet and it gets a little bit uncomfortable because she hasn’t met him in person but it feels so right. This huge desire just to be with him. She is hard to impress but he with no deny has a very positive and strong impact on her and her life. This is like her dream — with a perfect man she always wanted, she doesn’t want to wake up from. She has never though about anyone this way — as a whole package. Someone so strong that would intimidate her but at the same time give her this huge comfort of being safe and guarded like a little princess. But she is just scared of all the circunstances because in fact she is not single and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She has been in relationship for years but in fact she feels so lonely and feel empty inside like she doesn’t know this man she felt so deeply in love years back. She just want to be happy, to be with this one man, feel passion and desire and share same interests in life, learn from each other, evaluate together and grow not for years — but for life.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and it’s never colourful all the time. But I really believe some people are meant to be together and they cross their paths when the right time comes .Sometimes is just not so simple but every single of us deserves to be happy and be fulfilled to its fullest in life.