Prog/Math/Sci Summary: January 2017

Random stuff from last month:

  • A japanese probe in orbit around Venus found a huge bow wave in its atmosphere (6000 miles long, 40 miles above the surface!)
  • Came across this interesting “Q&A with nine great programmers” from 2012
  • Octopuses are weird, but because they’re also really smart, this makes them quite alien (most of their “brain” lives outside their head)
  • A renowned National Geographic photographer and explorer claimed to have once made contact with a telepathic tribe in the Amazon (!)
  • Apropos futurism, especially of the technological variety: Stanislaw Lem and his work.
  • Bacteria are smart too, but only when they’re lots of them in one place. Then, certain kinds of communication between parts of this hive mind are just like neurons firing.
  • A very detailed review of the wonderful, bizarre world of Urbit
  • Somehow, we’re still refining our theories about how rainbows are formed.
  • Finally, we arrived at the present through various accidents and chance happenings, but sixty years ago there were many paths open to us, and many potential concepts without names. Three new books try to trace these paths, starting from those heady years when people like Norbert Weiner, Claude Shannon, and John Von Neumann began to feel their way around a new technological landscape.