Sci/Math/Prog summary: April 2017

Random stuff from last month:

What’s up with the phrase, “Still programming?” Would anyone think it odd for a 60-year-old physician to still be doctoring, or a 60-year-old lawyer to still practice law. Or for that matter for a 60-year-old artist or craftsperson to “still” pursue their craft.
Corporate culture embraces the notion of management as a profession. I think programming would benefit greatly from more of a tradecraft model, where leadership is provided by the master practitioner rather than the professional manager. In the alternate universe that’s how we do it.
I apply basic concepts of Kolmogorov complexity theory to the set of possible universes, and chat about perceived and true randomness, life, generalization, and learning in a given universe.
  • Ditto for ”Path to Common Lisp” (something I myself keep quitting and coming back to, over the years)
  • Something that starts of a rant on APIs that goes to surprising places in the end
  • The Rosetta spacecraft (the one that crash-landed on to a comet last year) was programmed in Forth (!)
  • This month’s nostalgia pick … drumroll … a look back at BBS software from two and a half decades ago (file sharing, private messaging, message boards … you know, social media).
  • And here’s the pedagogy pick … the Stanford CS department decided Java wasn’t a great introductory language after all, and went for Javascript, which is clearly much, much better (meanwhile, Python is now the most popular introductory language overall).
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