Siren Guard: Priceless Protection At An Affordable Cost

Agam Berry
Jul 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Unfortunately, the world isn’t as safe as it used to be. Many people carry a firearm or pepper spray to ensure their personal protection, but carrying these devices means that you plan to fight back if attacked. That’s generally a bad idea, especially if the individual in question is a child or senior citizen.

Siren Guard is a personal alarm that fits in the palm of your hand. It produces a siren that sounds just like a police vehicle when activated, scaring off an attacker or alerting others to your location as needed. Armed with this handy tool, anybody can feel safe even while they’re alone!

How It Works

Unlike competing products demanding apps and complicated setups, Siren Guard is a simple key chain. You only need to pull out a pin to activate it, at which time it can produce a 130dB siren for up to 30 minutes. That’s plenty of time for help to arrive!

If you’re getting accosted by a bad guy, they’re probably going to run away. If you’re by yourself and in need of medical attention, help will be able to find you.

Why I Use Siren Guard

Siren Guard makes sense for me because I lead an active lifestyle. I’m frequently up and out early in the morning, so it’s still dark outside. If I found myself attacked, I would much rather scare them off with Siren Guard than attempt to prevail in a violent confrontation.

Trusted Reviews

One STEEMIT user recently detailed the benefits of Siren Guard on the social media platform. He explained all of the scenarios where it could really come in handy, such as an elderly person getting attacked by thieves, a child finding themselves in an uncomfortable situation on the way home from school, and even a hiker getting lost in the woods. The 130dB alarm can be heard for miles, so somebody will be able to hear your call for help no matter where you are! The review concluded by providing purchase information, noting that you can get a substantial discount by buying in bulk.

Likewise, the product’s official website ( has numerous testimonials from real people who have benefited from the product. For example, Christine Williams of Chicago, Illinois appreciates the compact design, as it can easily be stored in a pocket. Gina Pillars of Palo Alto, California gave one to her daughter when she left for college to protect her when Gina couldn’t be there. Peter Sims of Indianapolis, Indiana appreciates the peace of mind he gets from carrying the device, even though he hasn’t needed to activate it yet!

How Much Does It Cost?

Best of all, you can get this protection without breaking the bank! If you buy one Siren Guard device for $42.90, you’ll get a second one free! That’s perfect for a young couple. Alternatively, you can buy two and get three more free, giving you a total of five devices for just $82.90. That’s enough to protect everybody in a family of four!

If you want to extend the protection to loved ones beyond your immediate household, the company also offers some massive package deals. You can get seven freebies if you buy three for $122.90, giving you a total of 10 devices to distribute as you wish. Or, you can opt for the “Family Deal” of 20 devices for just $202.90.

Regardless of how many you buy, you and your loved ones will feel safer once their Siren Guard devices arrive. You should order yours today, before it is too late!

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