Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs…
Kris Gellci

Putting aside the question of personal responsibility, I think that this “open letter” hits at a societal problem that is very rarely seriously discussed, and is often dismissed by liberal-leaning individuals. (especially in universities)

Many tech companies, especially big ones, push for “the experience” in coming to work for them. Subsequently, the most popular ones always have an enormous over-subscription of potential employees (meanwhile, Zuckerberg et al. keep pushing for more H1Bs in a market awash with supply). People, essentially like sheep, have piled into these new hubs because of the false promise the tech industry creates, driving up prices and putting these people into difficult positions.

I think that the societal problem (human problem?) at the heart of this is that people are too quick to believe what other people will say, and if a ton of people say it, they will lose their wits altogether.

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