Poor Man’s Cryptocurrency Google Sheet

Agam More
Agam More
Feb 6, 2018 · 3 min read

The moment I started putting money into cryptocurrencies I knew that I had to track my investments somehow. I saw some apps doing it, but I mainly use my desktop computer to buy crypto, so it didn’t fit well.

Note: This is not my real portfolio

Why should you use it?

Well, people are investing (maybe now it is more like selling) a lot of money into the crypto space. Because of the many exchanges and different coins out there it can become messy real fast. This should help mitigate things, it has some nice features like:

  • Live updated prices
  • Color conditions
  • Private - no third party website will know your info (except for Google, which probably already knows)
  • Totally free.
  • BTC or USD as a metric
  • Added EUR as an option for a base currency

I didn’t try to use anything fancy because this did all I needed and it served me well for the past few months, I hope it will help you too!

Create your own sheet

Just head on over to The poor man’s sheet here.

Then click File->Make a copy

Then fill out the spreadsheet with your own data.

How to add or edit a coin

Basically, to add: just copy a row then fill out all of the columns, like how much you bought and at what price, to edit: just continue to read.

Then, go to the “Current USD” column, there change the formula like so:

To find the relevant COIN NAME HERE value, just head over to Coinmaketcap and go to the coin’s page, there copy the value in the URL like so:

Copying the value for Cardano


  • Take into consideration that the Current USD price Is an average of all the listed exchanges in coinmarketcap.com.
  • The values and coins I entered were only examples - don’t use them to invest or as a recommendation, this is only a tool. By using this spreadsheet you agree that you take the risk for any problems or loses on yourself. I supply no warranty whatsoever.
  • If you have a suggestion please be sure to comment! I consider this a “beta” product so give it some slack and help out!


  • 2/7/18 - Added a BTC pairs sheet (“BTC Sheet” tab in the lower left side)
  • 2/10/18 - Added Market cap and Portfolio weight (“Update 0.01” tab in the lower left side)- thanks to Alexander van Doornewaard
  • 2/18/18-Added EUR as a base currency option as requested by George Kavazis (“EUR Sheet” tab in the lower left side)

I hope you found this useful, claps and following me will make my day!

A lovely accountant cat — https://www.flickr.com/photos/foundanimalsfoundation/8055190879

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