In a flash …

In a flash …

I pause …

And I look back, beyond time -

I see, zillion reasons to smile and cheer

Still, for all the unspoken struggles

which made me weak,

A tear rolls down , and I smile -

I learned it the hard way all through

And emerged stronger, even before I knew.

I pause …

And I try to see, beyond time

How the days ahead will be?

Again, I hope to see, zillion reasons to smile and cheer

But for all the silent thoughts

And the slow growing web, spun by my expectations -

Will I fall a prey to it?

And get hurt, from no one else

But myself.

I pause …

And look around,

The sun shining bright and the blue skies -

The chirping of the birds,

And the gentle breeze persuading me -

To believe in the moment.

The ‘Now’ which is so much alive

And I feel energized.

I pause,

And laugh out loud,

At my fears and anticipations

which suddenly disappeared-

In the moment called ‘Now’

And as I walk ahead,

with this new realization

For the joy of conquest

begins here, with myself.