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We keep hearing it, it is the struggle that most automotive brands face and a significant hindrance when reducing organizational complexity. But why has implementing and operationalizing strategy become the number one pain that no one seems to be able to relieve?

In however way this issue is looked upon brands always seem to stumble across the same answer; An unavoidable difference in perspectives between the importer and dealerships remains a divide, parting strategy and execution.

Translating the strategic into the everyday

So, what is the trap that so many fall into? Assumptions that heavy-weighing trends within the industry are the established path towards success leaves little room for diverse approaches. What really must be comprehended is that strategy is one thing, whereas being the direct point of contact with customers brings a whole other dimension into play. And so, leaving dealerships with “one-size-fits-all” strategies is somewhat problematic, when they lack tangible objectives and fail to take everyday execution into consideration. …


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We are ag analytics. A hybrid tech analytics consultancy combining the best in strategic thinking, data science and preparatory technology.

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