Authors: Agnieszka Naplocha & Jan Lipiński.

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OpenType variable fonts (CEF 62) are now available in Creative Cloud prereleases. If you’re ready to experiment with variable fonts and saving space in your extension or plugin, join a prerelease and give variable fonts a try.

— Erin Finnegan, Sr Community Engineer, Creative Cloud Ecosystem

What are Variable Fonts? Why do we need them? Why is it such fun to experiment with them? Let’s find out more about this topic, exploring both design and technical details connected with typography on the web.

Why should we care about typography?

Good typography is invisible. While reading we don’t consciously pay attention to it. The situation changes when there are some typographic problems with the text presented on the web or in print; we immediately feel that something is wrong. Although many of us are not familiar with the rules of typography, it’s relatively easy to recognize when the reading process is not smooth. …


Aga Naplocha

UX Designer & Front-end Dev at Adobe

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