The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Episode 1)
Aditya Parameswaran

Thanks for this interesting post and book, Prof. Parameswaran. As a former academic researcher myself (16yrs at Applied Physics Lab, Univ. of WA) and new principal data scientist at (an “intelligent crowdsourcing” provider), I guess I just assumed that everyone doing crowdsourcing was doing it similar to Spare5, i.e. using and improving on techniques from the research literature to handle user/subject targeting and answer quality and workflow parameters, taking input from advisors in academia, and the like. I suppose time and money pressures are strong effects there, especially for companies trying to implement the work themselves. In any case we’ve definitely seen a deep need in companies’ internal ML efforts for higher quality and more domain-specific training data, which these “intelligent” methods really help address. I’ll look forward to looking thru your book and future posts to find out more about these variations in the crowdsource provider and user communities. 
Best regards, -Andy Ganse, Principal Data Scientist,

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