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There are now 250 Billion websites, 220,000 of these launched within the last 24 hours, as seen here: Sure, not all of these domains are useful. Many of these domains are for sale with a landing page full of advertising. Others are still on a Dreamhost under construction page. But, imagine there was a time before even the first website launched.

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Tim Berners-Lee launched the first website as we know them today. On Tuesday, August 6, 1991, Tim changed the world forever by introducing us to the worldwide web. You can still visit the first website today at

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The first reaction to Tim’s creation was three words: “Vague, but…

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Dreams dare to exist before the path to their attainment is made clear.

Fear of failure is a mental obstacle. Those who overcome fear achieve success.

Fear of failure is overcome by humility, the laying down of pride. There is no need to succeed on the first attempt. Not even on the final attempt.

The journey is the reward. Take this journey without expectations.

Empty the mind of expectations so it can experience discoveries.

Like a child, when every encounter is new, there is no fear. This is why children learn the most and adults stick to what they know. In these young minds there is no expectation of failure; there is no fear of it. The expectations of the old are limitations; clinging to mildly successful methodologies as they feel safer than the unknown. …

Innovation begins when you recognize a problem and decide to do something about it. The solution may not immediately be obvious, but with determination it can be found.

The light bulb was an answer to a subtle problem. Candles produced light and perhaps to the common person’s perspective it was sufficient, but there were those who recognized that there was room for improvement. Many tried various ideas to bridge the gap between what they had and what they were in search of.

It was the search that was innovative. The hunger for something better and the will to do something about it. It is one thing to see a problem it is another to try to solve it. …

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Being ahead of an idea is more exciting than being behind it. New ideas are not accepted at first. It is as if the human mind struggles with accepting positive progress and lists all the reasons why it will fail or be impossible. But once accepted it is an honor to be the pioneer who dared to dream when others said no.

History is exciting when it reaffirms dreams. The world was once flat, marrying for love was once nonsense, equality was unimaginable, and computers were thought to never catch on. History moves stubborn minds who believe what exists now is all there ever will be.

Innovation is daring to be crazy. Dreaming of a better world that the world doesn’t think it wants — until it has it.

Stay hungry for knowledge, passionate for change, don’t let no stop your dreams and always follow your heart.

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Some of us struggle with a never ending desire to be successful. Unless you’ve clearly defined it, success can be a vague goal that is more of a mirage than a destination.

I have personally struggled with this. When I read about Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and others, I felt a strong desire to want to be great like them. My perception of their accomplishments and how they obtained them blinded me from the truth. Many of my childhood heroes had hard lives, obtained their successes by accident, or were later spun into a success story.

In other words, while I may perceive Scott Fitzgerald as a great author, he passed into the next life believing himself to be a failure. …

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A tough question sparks a spectacular response at Startup Grind San Antonio.

Last night, I had the privilege of attending Startup Grind San Antonio for the first time at Geekdom. Events like Startup Grind are the main reason I joined Geekdom. While the event was open to the public, I recognize how special the Geekdom community really is and I want to continue the conversations started at the event with members in the future.

Guest speaker Debra Innocenti-Placette of Innocenti-Jones PLLC said a lot of incredible things last night, but the words that resonated the most with me came during the Q&A session at the end.

A great conversation usually has to warm up or be sparked spontaneously. So co-speaker Drew Placette was bent on asking Debra a tough question. He asked why our tech ecosystem in San Antonio seems to be dying. …

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Opinions — many of us have some and sometimes we disagree.

I am full of opinions, strong opinions. Sometimes I get so passionate about a particular opinion that my friends tell me I should start a talk show or write a book.

But, when I sit in front of my computer. I am speechless. I do not know what to say or write. My words escape me.

This is an exercise in digging deep. Seeking out what I truly believe. I hope that in reading my beliefs they will inspire your own.

I am not saying that you should believe what I believe. You may discover that you believe just the opposite. You may have never held an opinion on a particular topic before reading mine. And after reading mine — you may disagree. …

Allow me to share some thoughts with you.

Thoughts that may be contrary to your own. That may frustrate you. That may prove you wrong.

Or prove me foolish.

Are you ready? Are you brave? Do you dare?

It took some courage to write this. To open up my heart and hold nothing back. And it may take equal courage to read this all the way through. To not race to the comment section when something sets you off.

I am making an effort to self-reflect more. …

On the morning of March 29, 2008, I purchased and launched my first website with Apple’s iWeb. I followed the instructions to connect my MobileMe hosted website, with Yahoo, my registrar; entering the appropriate information into the A Record field.

With no guidance, at age 16, I had a website. I remember frantically pacing around the kitchen waiting for the DNS records to refresh, while trying to convey this monumental achievement to my parents. I was ecstatic! …

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The new MacBook Pro has garnered a lot of criticism by the creative community. I’ve seen an influx of posts bashing it for a number of reasons. The incredible volume of negative posts may be due to an unprecedented number of creatives venting their frustration.

A part of me is curious to know if these posts are real. We just came from an election season filled with fake news written by kids in Macedonia. So it is possible that rival companies could be stirring up dissent in the Apple community for their competitive advantage.


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