I Failed To Prevent My Kid From Going to College
James Altucher

I dropped one of my daughter’s off the a university and she was just offered a full time job at Raytheon (thanks in part to a successful internship at said place) while at school just beginning her Senior year. Not even a month in school and they called her up. Yeah, she’s going places and on top that traveled to 10 countries while studying abroad in her Junior year. I did let her go because she was committed and had plans. A+ student in high-school. She also was a coxswain in her freshman/sophomore years at the university and traveled around for her races. Practice days started at 5am M-F. With her money made during her internship she bought herself a very decent used 2011 Honda Ex Accord. I will agree that there are girls (and boys) that waste their time at a university. I went to Jacksonville University many years ago only to find boys spending their 6th /7th year at a frat dorm still working on their undergrad.

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