Hello Champions,

We trust that each of you have kicked off 2020 with a bang! We welcome all the new community members since our last newsletter. We hope that you are all having fun with the Gamedrop™ that is currently running. Keep improving your skills by ensuring you utilise the…

Hey Champions!

We trust you have all had some fun with Gamedrop™ #4! We have some updates for you today, so if you have a few minutes to spare, keep scrolling to find out more of what to expect for December and beyond!


Hey Champions!

WOW time is flying! The end of Gamedrop™ #2 has arrived and what a month it’s been! We had over 5000 people competing for tokens in Gamedrop™ #2.

We are expecting over 6,000 participants to battle it out for AGR tokens in the next Gamedrop™! Keep filling those…

Agareum (AGR)

Play to Fill Your Bags

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