1.1 App Idea

1.1.1 What idea I chose and Why did I choose that??

To make a good app, the first thing is to have a great idea. But to think about a good idea wasn’t easy for me. I was left to choose between those common ideas which have been implemented a lot of times already.

Then, one day I realized that there is still a large population of India that is having a hard time, coping up with the modern technologies and laws(which are continuously evolving under the present day government). When it comes to some task involving legal documents and government offices, then we often are unaware of the exact documents that we must carry and end up visiting these offices multiple times due to lack of some papers ,etc. How about knowing all these documents required, before leaving your home!!!

Thus, I came up with an idea of a platform to assist people in their daily chores. Some of it includes:- How to operate Paytm, How to link adhaar card with their pan card, etc. Knowing these things would help us to establish a more stable, secure and tech savvy ecosystem and also in moving towards a “Digital India”.

1.1.2 What will the final MVP (3 screen app) allow users to do?

The screens in my app(apart from Login/SignUp/profile) will be:-

  1. Home Screen:- This screen would allow users to select a category/subcategory and the Q&A corresponding to that category will be displayed. It has a search bar where users would ask questions.
  2. Search result screen:- This screen would display search results and would allow you to post that query if it is not found in the previously asked questions.
  3. Q/A screen:- This screen allows the user to ask a question and also shows them popular questions that they can answer according to their field of interest.

The gist of it in a jiffy is that it allows the user to search/ask for their queries, read popular feed by choosing some particular category and answer question as per their preferences.

Link to the detailed version of the Idea:- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzu8slNuOb02bjE4aTBSWW1waWs

Link to the prototype:- https://pr.to/DR5OQC/ (active till 14th June, 2017).