The journey just begun

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Growing up as a young girl in Rwanda, a small developing country in Africa, I had not had the privilege of the other kids in more developed countries to grow up with high quality technology like Internet, video games, music/videos downloaders, social media, etc. For instance, I created my first Facebook page at 16 years old because that is when I was able to access my high school’s computers lab. However, I have always had a knack for computers, and have always been a very curious little girl.

Luckily enough, my parents and brother offered me a huge opportunity to come study Computer Science in the world’s most developed country. For the past two years, and 8 months; I have been pursuing an Associate’s degree in Software Development at Nashua Community College, New Hampshire. Not only did I learn to code for the very first time in my life; but also I was challenged as an individual through getting around college in a completely new culture; working in groups with other students; doing personal researches for my projects; and asking questions when I was completely stuck. My graduation is on May 20th, and I am so excited.

I am very interested in online shopping, and my dream job would be working in a company that sells fashion products online for women. That being said, I aspire to become a great Software Engineer so as to make people’s lives easier. For instance, women do the most online shopping, hence are in the best position to make sure the products and services are the best. However, we are less represented in the process of making that magic happen. In the future, I hope to build my own online shop that accessorises ladies, mostly focusing on African trends: clothes, hair products for kinky hair (inspired by mine), etc.; designed in a way that makes their shopping experience easier and fun. In addition, it is also my goal to inspire a lot of African girls to get involved with programming.

However, recently I got offered an interview for an internship; where I realized that I do not have enough hands on skills, and programing experiences very close to the real working environment. I therefore was looking online for an environment that would offer me exactly what I need, and found out about Holberton School.

I had never felt excited about anything than I am excited about Holberton School. First of all, I would be stress-free about tuition fees (which is a huge deal for anyone, let alone an international student); which would therefore let me easily focus on learning. Secondly, I will be exposed to successful companies looking to hire Software Engineers which guarantees me that I will secure a job right at the end of my program. And lastly, since I have been involved with programming before, the mentors and learning environment at Holberton School will help me polish my skills as I grasp the key aspects of Software Engineering; better than I would for another 2 years of college pursuing a Bachelor’s degree later on.