Oh sweet Kindle! I can’t bear to look at you.

My boyfriend is a book monster. He consumes like an unimaginable amount of pages. It fills me with envy watching him, read book after book on his beloved Kindle because I know it would never happen to me.

I’ve always imagined there must be something deep between a reader and their device. Kindle seems reliable. It’s handy, solid not to mention that having access to all the books in the world with only one click is like a dream (Yeah. Amazon is a sales genius I have to admit). Plus you don’t have to recharge its battery every single day.

So I decided my first time with Kindle would be special. I poured myself a cup of my favourite coffee, sunk into my couch and took a deep breath. This was a ‘just you and me’ moment… Apart from one little detail. When I switched the page, the first thing I thought was: ‘what the…’. My eyes were being attacked by a barrage of ruthless flashes.

Sadly for this girl, Kindle and photosensitivity don’t mix.

So yeah, I am photosensitive. It’s not so bad though. I’ve never had a seizure. However I will never attend a Woodkid concert either, which makes me kind of sad.

Anyway, turning the regular Kindle pages is unpleasant but not the worst. You really have no idea what you’re in for until you hit the library page. Bigger more complex pictures require more ink to refresh which causes a flicker. And it always ends with eye strain, a headache and nausea for me.

I studied official Amazon’s forum. There are other people who have reported similar issues. But there is no rule. Different people with photosensitive epilepsy react differently. Some stopped encountering problems when the new e-ink technology came. However it depends if they read at night or during the day, because the contrast plays a role as well. Some never experience any drawbacks, while others prefer reading on their phone.

So this is it.

My journey with Kindle has ended before it actually started. I had a few tries later, with the same results, so I decided to stick to my good old tablet. It’s okay, I like it. Though the bitter feeling when one is almost the same but not the same will stay. I just hope that Amazon will improve it with future releases.

From my experience Kindle could be a risky solution for people with photosensitivity. If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, I strongly recommend consulting with your doctor.


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