He predicted it would take 600 years, but he underestimated consumption of paleo-carbon
``Long before research exposed evidence that humans cause global warming, science made another…
Bruce Korb

And if we compare him then with the industry estimates and a lot of politicians who speak and write today, he wasn’t so bad. There is a tendency to show the energy consumption at the current level, as it won’t grow at all, and then claim things like “the current usage is X” therefore there’s enough uranium “for 90 years” at “present rate of consumption,” which is “ a higher level of assured resources than is normal for most minerals.”

In reality, if uranium would have to substitute fossil fuels, as it is now covers just 10% of world energy use, that supply covers only 9 years! Not to mention that the world energy consumption doubles every 30–35 years. That means that during 60 years, two times more is needed than claimed, during 90 years, three times more is needed than what is claimed to be needed, to sustain the “growth.”

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