And this coming from me… a not-very-scientific guy who relies (hopefully) on logic, reason, and the antennae that quivers when someone jumps up and down, waves a flag
Appreciate the response.
Wake up and Smell the Apocalypse

But if you do so, you are exactly behaving like the regressive persons described by H. L. Mencken in his 1925 article. Then you fight against science just because it’s too complicated for you to understand it. The “waving” of “the flag” is not science. Don’t be distracted. The scientific work of climatologists is. You know, the work of 97% of all climatologists. There are many thousands of scientific works and immeasurable amount of data that prove that global warming is real. On another side, there are just a few (like, maybe 10?) scientific works of the deniers that are effectively worthless — published in the lowest of the lowest of journals, or even nowhere officially published. The deniers are just selling bullshit — their appearance on the media — but they just haven’t produced anything scientifically significant which would disprove any aspect of global warming. Some of them have problems with basic physics, like, they are behind the 19th century physics, not to mention 20th! From all of the deniers, only a few understand the physics but then stay at “but it’s going to be good for you” trick of the Big Tobacco. The initial “deniers” who don’t have some other goal than the truth actually convert to be anti-deniers if they actually check the data (and know enough science to do so). Those who don’t, even if they understand the science, simply have other goals, not the truth.

But if you are not able to understand that simple fact, and instead actively write or act against the valid science, it’s not the problem of the science but of you, and of us all, unfortunately, as such people can prevent the humanity to respond while it’s still possible to do so. Again, Mencken, 1925, more than 90 years ago:

“We must think of human progress, not as of something going on in the race in general, but as of something going on in a small minority, perpetually beleaguered in a few walled towns. Now and then the horde of barbarians outside breaks through, and we have an armed effort to halt the process.” “The minority is decimated and driven to cover. But a few survive -- and a few are enough to carry on.”

“The inferior man's reasons for hating knowledge are not hard to discern. He hates it because it is complex -- because it puts an unbearable burden upon his meager capacity for taking in ideas. Thus his search is always for short cuts. All superstitions are such short cuts. Their aim is to make the unintelligible simple, and even obvious. So on what seem to be higher levels. No man who has not had a long and arduous education can understand even the most elementary concepts of modern pathology. But even a hind at the plow can grasp the theory of chiropractic in two lessons. Hence the vast popularity of chiropractic among the submerged -- and of osteopathy, Christian Science and other such quackeries with it. They are idiotic, but they are simple -- and every man prefers what he can understand to what puzzles and dismays him.

The popularity of Fundamentalism among the inferior orders of men is explicable in exactly the same way. The cosmogonies that educated men toy with are all inordinately complex. To comprehend their veriest outlines requires an immense stock of knowledge, and a habit of thought. It would be as vain to try to teach to peasants or to the city proletariat as it would be to try to teach them to streptococci. But the cosmogony of Genesis is so simple that even a yokel can grasp it. It is set forth in a few phrases. It offers, to an ignorant man, the irresistible reasonableness of the nonsensical. So he accepts it with loud hosannas, and has one more excuse for hating his betters.”

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