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I’ve never written that what you write now. Not “simply” and certainly not that all of those guys did “nothing.” Where’s a lot of fog of war there’s certainly some fire somewhere too (even if I don’t agree with your evaluation of how much and I absolutely don’t agree that Bosniaks or Croats had in any way morally more right), what I claim is that there’s a lot of propaganda around, and the motives of the big powers involved were certainly not to make lives of any people better or whatever. Specifically, the U.S, who present themselves as the “moral global policeman” are the last who’d care even for their own people,and certainly wouldn’t for any other people anywhere in the world, unless it can be used for their own propaganda purposes. See WMD, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Kurds, Saudis, Yemen etc. The Balkans was not different. “Assad must go” etc. If you believe that that’s “the only thing right”, you’re still under the influence.

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