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Then you’re buying what the propaganda sold you. If you would more closely investigate, he was demonized by the West for the same reason any other leader is: for not doing everything the way the U.S. would like. The actual story started before he mattered at all: the initial goal of the West was to split Yugoslavia to small pieces. Milosevic was simply a politician who at that moment resisted these goals. The actual story is similar to the Iraq story. The U.S. first decide what they are going to do, especially the military involvement, and then “adjust” the media reporting to enable them proceeding with that.

The only difference is that Yugoslavia provided enough “narration” from the inside, having enough separatistic politicians already having a lot of influence in their own “republic” (there were 6 in Yugoslavia, every with their own institutions and own control of the “civil based armies”). It was easy.

As I’ve already said, when the U.S. call some politician a “dictator” that only means “he doesn’t fit to our goals”. If they like somebody, he can actually do any atrocities he wants and even get the support from the U.S. That’s how it works.

The top Muslim politicians in Bosnia were the Islamists, those in Croatia were actual Nazis, idolizing their WWII Nazi politicians, generals and clerics and actually organizing the “crystal nights” against the Serbs. Search for how many Serbs there were in Croatia and Bosnia before the wars. Then check the actions of Croats and the support they received:

“During and after the offensive, 150,000–200,000 Serbs—or nearly the entire Serb population of the area formerly held by the ARSK—fled and a variety of crimes were committed against the remaining civilians there.“

Then also see the Bosnian mujahideen flag, looks familiar?

Bosnian mujahideen - Wikipedia

Or maybe search yourself for the pictures of the decapitations done by Bosnian mujahideen, the same way ISIS does it now (it’s too disturbing to post them). It’s not invented by ISIS. And at the time nobody believed. Now after all more recent events, it’s much clearer what it was.

The events on the Balkans simply happened at the time when the propaganda had more effective “coverage” than now. But the pattern is exactly the same, including fake reports and fake events when necessary.

There were certainly atrocities everywhere, of course. But there were more specific goals which sides are going to be supported and why. Croatia is in NATO now.

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