Google Certified Professional — Cloud Architect — Study Resources

I recently passed the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam and wanted to share with you a collection of relevant exam resources and content which helped me prepare for it

Exam Experience

The exam was “tough” to say the least with every aspect in the official exam study guide tested. For a given problem, there are multiple ways a solution can be designed, however, only one correct way given the nuances of the question asked. This was really put to test on the exam.

I would highly recommend practicing on GCP using the hands-on labs available and reviewing the official documentation which is really useful to understand the platform and use-cases.

Resources provided by Google

Resources provided by Google for Partners

* You will need a valid Google Partner Portal account.

Medium Community

Get Help when in doubt.

Paid Training options

Exam Experience and Guidance from other authors on the net

Last Minute Revision

YouTube Playlists

Cool Stuff

I’ve setup a Github Repo with this information above. If you would to add another prep resource that should be added here feel free to comment on this article or open a PR against the repo

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