Why the experts are full of it
Ozan Varol

Fantastic post, Ozan — thank you for sharing it. I have a feeling that the confused ape is a neat combination of Rule No 6 and keeping on doing things for the first time;)

On a more serious note, I also see the experts‘ explosion. Experts who know little and talk a lot. For years I was really annoyed by it. I thought they are polluting my profession and damaging the value it offers. But recently I looked at the differently — I chose to see them as acceleration machines for myself. As my personal comfort zone measurement tool. If I spot that they say what I say, I assume that the insight I am sharing is a common knowledge by now. Like investing in dot com business in 2002. I know that often the interpretation of this insight might be not necessarily valuable but as long as I am shouting as one of them, I will not be heard. Often because my recommendations are so much more complex and do not offer a silver bullet solution. So, I thought — what should I do to be listened to even if I am whispering? Only then those paying attention to me will be truly willing to listen. But that requires from me to leave my comfort zone. To take two new sticks and try to put them together. To question the general opinion of the coups. It requires feeling confused. It requires thinking about the long haul. It requires to admit that you don’t know. But it is a option I am so happy to choose. and without all these experts around I wouldn’t know I have it:)

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