New adventure: a wrap up on the Resistance stories

I guess I will be coming back here with more Resistance stories in the future as I will keep on spotting them in my live. But I guess I managed to produce enough to face for time being :) It has been truly liberating writings these posts about battling Resistance. It made me feel as if, for the first time in ages, I was staring into the mirror without having fogged glasses on my nose. Seeing and processing what I saw. These struggles will come back for sure. But now I will be able to recognize them. Or — if I fall back — I will have these posts to read through checking on my sanity.

Where is it going to take me? I don’t know. But I am excited nonetheless. Ready for the adventure. Adventure I choose rather than have it chosen for me. Adventure that is mine.

How come I have ended up writing these stories? I thought I scored a job of my dreams, only to find out it was a nightmare. It was a nightmare because of my boss. But even more it was a nightmare because I took it for all the wrong reasons. The reasons so nicely whispered to my ear by Resistance.

There is this really smart and funny book by Mark MansonThe subtle art of not giving a f^*k”. Towards the end he recalls the beginnings of his career stating that it wouldn’t have started if it didn’t begin with a failure. In failure you are so low, there is little risk to try something new. So, this is my chance to try out my childhood dream about writing. What is the worst thing that can happen? No one will read it. Still it will make me get a better grasp on my thoughts. Isn’t it a worthwhile goal? For myself? I believe it is.