Resistance mechanism no 12: doing your dream project for another (person or organization)

When you get good at something, your skills become desirable. You are on the best path to become a tool to realize the dreams. the dreams of others. You are easily turned into a handyman who can fix their problems, push them on their path to success. A handyman always so busy helping others that she does not find the time for her own dreams to fall through.

I have a friend who says that whenever an opportunity passes by, she wants to jump that bandwagon because she worries that another opportunity may never come. In such a manner she moves from one bandwagon to another, jumping faster and faster, being busier and busier and letting their dreams slip.

Resistance is smart that way. I gives us the false feeling of accomplishment. The feeling of instant success when we see someone being grateful to us for the help they received. It feels good. Really good. It almost feels like a drug. It is the drug of Resistance, well covered with sugar like a pill for a kid.

This one is Resistance favourite. It can keep on producing a never ending stream of others’ needs to be fulfilled. If you manage to shake yourself off taking any “opportunity” that comes your way, Resistance gets more intricate. It starts sending the really good ones to be tempted by. You get your “dream project”, the chance to build for someone else you always dreamed of building yourself. It feels like a good opportunity to gain experience, learn, make the mistakes on someone else’s turf. These are all perfect excuses to do it for them and not for you. They really need you. Badly.

How to escape this one? It’s really hard. The offers are tempting. The pressure is high. I am struggling with this one. Falling though. Falling into their dreams. Falling out of mine.

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