How My Puppy’s Ear Infections Inspired Me To Start A Dog Product Discovery Platform

June 9th, 2016 is the day my life changed. It was that very day that I first became a mom. Here’s a picture of my son Bodhi graduating Level 1 Dog School:

Instagram @bodhithebichpoo

Bodhi is a bichon and poodle mix, making him a Poochon. I never planned on having a poodle mix, but when I finally made the decision to get a dog, I absolutely fell in love with the temperament and personality of this mix.

I assumed a lot about Bodhi based on a combination of past experiences with dogs and some folk-lore. For instance, I assumed he’d love boiled chicken, playing in the grass and not be much of a guard dog. I soon learned Bodhi was actually allergic to chicken and fleas (which, in LA are ALL OVER THE GRASS) and was VERY much a guard dog.

P.S. It took a a very expensive doggie dermatologist visit, 3 bouts of fleas and new neighbors to figure all of this out and once I did, I knew I simply had to share the information.

Once I knew that Poochons were a special breed, I did what every self-respecting dog #pawrent would do: I started a poochon group on Bodhi’s instagram (@bodhithebichpoo) and included every poochon page I could find. Before long, I was exchanging stories and tips with poochon parents from all over the world. Their dogs, were similar to mine and whenever I was in the market for a product for Bodhi, I would turn to them: “What worked for teething? Bodhi won’t stop biting the leash, any tips? What kind of dried fish skins do your poochons eat?” The answers never failed (and I ended up making some awesome friends along the way.)

In 2016, dog owners spent $522M on food, vitamins, treats, toys and grooming aids. While retail overall is dying, the pet industry has grown 3x since 1996. Millennials are the largest generation of #petpawrents currently living and the way they discover pet products is broken and impersonal. Enter: Bodhi Market, a dog product discovery platform. You give us your pet’s information and we give you products best suited to their breed and life stage. Every purchase results in a donation to a rescue, shelter or dog in need.

I’m excited to bring this product to you and simply can’t wait to launch. In the Alpha stage we are currently looking for reputable rescues, dog product companies with affiliate programs in place and of course #petpawrents.

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