Struggling to Reach Your Goals? Try Adding Some Gamification.

Why learning to play cello can’t be more like playing Super Mario?

Gamification helps to tackle tough problems with more creativity and determination

Search trends show a high-demand for gamifying day-to-day experiences

Personal development and growth

  • Codeschool: Adds gamification to learning coding from Python to JavaScript in the browser. Completing courses rewards you with badges, points, and achievements. Through the collaboration with Open Badges, your achievements can be viewed by a larger audience.
  • Duolingo: Want to learn a new language or refresh your French from the high school? Duolingo makes learning a language addictive and fun by allowing you to earn points and level up.
  • Habitica: Is a to-do tool that will help you to improve your overall productivity by turning completing tasks into a game. When you check off a task, you’re rewarded with experience points and gold in order to keep you motivated to achieve your goals.
  • Write or Die: The app helps you develop a daily writing habit. There are three modes you can play with: Reward, Consequence, and Stimulus. As part of the consequence mode, your work will be deleted if you don’t meet the word count goal you set up for yourself within a given period of time.

Healthier and happier lifestyle

  • Whole Life Challenge: Is a 6-week online game that helps you to develop 7 daily habits: nutrition, exercise, mobilize, sleep, hydrate, well-being and reflect. You can play it by yourself or on a team with friends or co-workers. Each day you earn points for the healthy steps you take or lose points if you don’t stick to the rules. It has personally helped me to decrease my sugar consumption and become more consistent at exercising.
  • Insight Timer: A free meditation app with over 3.4 million users. It provides you with detailed stats and milestones for tracking your daily practice which motivate you to meditate on a daily basis. Once you complete your meditation session, you can see who else was meditating with you at the same time and allows you to connect with them.
  • Waterlogged: Staying hydrated helps you to maximize your physical performance, improve your digestion and skin tone, and makes you feel more energized. Unfortunately, we often don’t drink as much water as we should. Waterlogged helps with this by allowing you to set reminders for yourself at scheduled or at random intervals to get something to drink and keeps track of meeting your daily water drinking goals.
  • Lose it!: Takes advantage of relevant game mechanics to help you lose weight. You input information for the app to define your metabolism, set up a personal weight-loss goal for yourself and then the app calculates a custom program for you. The app allows you to share your progress with others so that you can improve your self-discipline and get additional support from your peers
  • Zombies, Run!: Fans of “The Walking Dead” tv show (like for example my husband) will love this app that turns running into a fun, action-packed adventure game with zombies. Every run is a mission where you’re the hero of the zombie apocalypse.

Fighting bad habits

  • Long Game: If you are struggling with your personal finances and would like to make saving money easier, you might want to try Long Game. Long Game turns money management into a fun game. You can set personal goals and choose missions (like for example saving for a trip) and get rewards for achieving these goals.
  • SuperBetter: Want to quit a bad habit like smoking or eating too much sugar? SuperBetter, is an online social game that will help you with that by creating an engaging gaming experience encouraging you to stick to your goals.
  • Nekozo: Majority of us spend hours working in front of the computer without paying much attention to our posture. Nekozo is a cute app with cats that uses your laptop’s camera to keep an eye on your posture while you work. It warns you when you start slouching.
  • Forest: Are you spending too much time on your phone or on social media? Forest improves your productivity by helping you to stay focused. Every 30 minutes of focused time allows you to grow a virtual tree and earn gold coins. You can cash-in the coins for different kinds of trees and for 2,500 gold coins you can help Trees for the Future organization plant real trees around the world.

Creating your own game



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