My Andela ALC17 Journey so far: Who Says its Impossible?

I can’t remember precisely, but I know some time, around March, I came across a post in the Open Andela Slack Community with a link to apply for the Android Learning Community, I didn’t really understand fully what the program was all about and how it’s going to run, but one thing I was sure of was that its mobile related stuff, and I have always had it in mind to go into mobile development, even though I really don’t know how to go about it. After going through the link, I applied because I saw it as an opportunity to pursue that burning desire. I want to point out here that the whole application and the mail I later received to take the test for the beginners course all came to me as a surprise and I just did them without paying much attention, and I was surprised I scored 80%, even at that I was still not very certain about the program until the program kick-started and we started meeting at our various centers and given access to the Udacity login page to take the course, then it dawn on me, that I have actually started the program. Soon after we started we were given deadlines to finish each of the lessons/course, at first I struggled to meet up with the first deadline for submission of our first project.

To make matter worst when I go on slack I usually see a lot of things that people have done, some persons had already finish all the lessons, with screenshots of their app in the slack forum, while I was still at lesson 2 or so. This actually motivated me, I was challenged because I felt I was behind. Personally I like things that challenge me, and to do things that people around me might think I won’t be able to do, and I hate to be behind. So going forward after my first struggle with the udacity deadline for submission of our first project, I made sure I watch the Udacity video tutorials and attempt the quizzes. So I was no longer behind, I was able to get my work ready before the deadlines.

One important and interesting part of my android learning journey I wouldn’t fail to mention here was the fact that, Udacity did justice to android, what do I mean by that, they made learning android look like a piece of cake, it was really fun learning at Udacity sometimes I will be watching the tutorial it will look like am watching a movie, sometimes I wouldn’t help laughing at the jokes which form part of the teaching. The tutors there a very sound, they are good at what they do. Kudos to them. I never thought android development could be this easy, before now I used to look at android from just the java aspect of it, which really makes learning it, difficult and somewhat impossible. But the story was changed as I entered the udacity classroom, where we started with XML, I didn’t know XML was part of android, to tell you the truth from the very beginning I had no programming knowledge before I started the android course. At first some of the XML looks difficult for me to understand especially the relative layout, but now I can confidently tell you that as far as xml is concerned I can find my way around it. What about java? Hah Java seem to me like an impossible task before now, but hey, I have come to discover that there is nothing impossible as far as you are determined and passionate about it, you will always make it through. In summary, with my zero knowledge I started the Udacity course, I was able to learn how to design layout and simple UI, with my zero knowledge, I was able to write some Java codes, and with all I have learnt I was able to finish my final project in my team before anyone could say jack! It is interesting to note that the same Agatevure Glory (Gconnect) that was looking for support, at the beginning of the program is now supporting and encouraging others to finish their project. Who says its impossible!

And the story did not end there, am still yearning to know more doing a serious research on android, spending reasonable number of hours daily, watching video tutorials and reading pdfs on android development. To tell you the extent of my hunger to know more, I have also ceased the opportunity to search the Udacity free courses which I have enrolled, and I have started taking the free courses there. At the moment am done taking the tutorial on creating Muti-Screen Apps, currently am still undergoing the online course “Developing Android Apps” all thanks to Udacity for their wonderful tutors and for the free courses they have there, at the moment I already have line up of project in mind to build from the knowledge I have gained so far. I just can’t wait to start building apps that will solve the problems of people around me and beyond!

This write up won’t be complete without mentioning the people who have made this possible! I say a very big thank you to @Udacity, @GoogleAfrica, @Andela_Nigeria the World Class Developers Community, you guys are so lovely, @ChimdinduAneke, Solomon Awosupin (@layray05), my UYO facilitator and organiser (Sam Esidem and Emem Brownson) my team members, you guys are the best, indeed Team SS10 as the slogan goes we are the Winning Team, as the lord help us to come out as one of the winners of the easter project, slack friends and everyone that help me throughout this journey that made this an enjoyable and remarkable experience for me. I say may God bless you real good!

I want to end on this note by encouraging someone out there, you might be reading this article and still having some doubts within you that you can’t do it, I don’t know what it is that you are trying to do, that you are battling with, you might be saying this program is not for you that you can’t do it, I want to assure you that sometimes you need to fail to get things right and to understand it better and you wouldn’t know if you can until you try. You can only be sure of your capability if you dare to do it. So friend I believe in you, I just believe YOU CAN IF YOU DARE! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!