11 Fire Tricks & Fire Experiments

Are you feeling baked right now? Then here are some amazing fire tricks, which you can try at the comfort of your own home. I’m sure you haven’t tried or even seen these tricks before. Even if you are not baked, you would be amazed by performing these fire tricks.

In this video, you will be able to find 11 amazing fire tricks. It’s quite difficult to choose the best fire trick out of them because everything is awesome. However, the video saves the best out of all tricks for the last. I’m sure it would be your favorite trick as well.

As mentioned earlier, you will be able to experience 11 fire tricks through this video. They include:

⦁ How to blow fire with corn starch

⦁ How to get fire to your hand with water, shower gel and propane that is used for lighters.

⦁ How to create a tornado with fire

⦁ How to create green colored fire with boric acid

⦁ How to create a fire jar jet with alcohol

⦁ How to create a candle clock with fire

⦁ How to create fire dollars with alcohol

⦁ How to create fire worms with alcohol

⦁ How to create a vacuum candle

⦁ How to give life to magic candle smoke

⦁ The balloon and candle experiment

⦁ The fire and knife experiment

You would have never thought that these tricks are quite possible with fire. These are few creative methods to use fire, which come along with both audio and visual effects. Check out the video and enjoy!