Free printable planners by Agatha Vieira
Free printable planners by Agatha Vieira

With the extension of the quarantine and social distancing, we have to learn how to cope with our new routines or the lack of a routine staying at home. Sometimes it can be very challenging to plan your day with purpose and avoid getting bored all the time or avoid letting our tasks feels like a burden to us.

We don’t need to be productive all the time and we don’t need to force ourselves to have a good day everyday, we need to embrace our feelings and understand that it is ok to feel down sometimes… we are under a pandemic and life is getting difficult for many. What we need to do is try to help ourselves to go through this hard time in a smooth way. There are lots of things to do to plan your time in a more positive manner. You can learn new skills, catch up on that Skillshare course you didn’t finish watching, try a new hobby, read a book, exercise, plan your meals for the week, call your friends/family, help a neighbour and more. For all those tasks and activities, I’ve designed some planners to help everyone that likes to organise their lives writing things down on paper, yes, like the good old days. I believe that lists, planners, or organisers can be super helpful to assist us in completing our tasks and also to get a sense of accomplishment once you see everything you achieved daily, weekly and so on. …


Agatha Vieira

Hello, I am Agatha Vieira, a Brazilian graphic designer and maker, living and working in London-UK.

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