Racing Against Trump

(and his supporters)

Definitive statistics detailing demography and age for this year’s midterm elections are still being tabulated, but most of the polls are showing impressive numbers for voter turnout.

According to BBC, 114 million Americans turned to the polls, the highest number of voters for midterm elections since 1970. Additionally, Vox stated the Democrats secured 90% of the black vote, a majority of the college educated white vote, and the majority of white female voters.

However, in the South research has shown that whites from all backgrounds voted in unison for Republican candidates . The diversity of the southern white voters paints a racially cohesive political picture of the values of southern America.

The rural southern farmer and southern college graduate hot-shot soon to be CEO voted in tandem.The only constant in these statistics show that they are white, ergo, the xenophobic us versus them rhetoric starts to creep in.

The fusion of whites in the South has undoubtedly left a bitter mark on this election for me, it shows the deepening gap that divisive politics has bred and nurtured.

The Democrats win of the House has been tempered by the overall polarization and racial bifurcation that has reared its ugly head once again.

I am not excited at all for the Democrats, because the truth is their campaigns have helped to maintain distance between both parties — to which the South has reacted by digging their heels deeper into the soil of white power and nationalism.

The effects of such latent racism is damning to minority groups and only the myopic could prolong the celebration of the Democrats and neglect the obvious resistance of the South.

I’ve grown even more fearful for the black lives in those areas as it feels like a tide is pulling us further away from inclusivity and towards vile and aggressive profiles.

The erosion of racial unification in America did not start with Trump but it has been fortified by him . So when I read about voter turnout being almost a record high immediately my mind starts to think of the droves of white men in the South that went out to ensure their province remained red.

So the Democrats have won their piece of the political pie but at what cost?

Intensifying a division and reinforcing white nationalism in the South, is an exorbitant price to pay. Especially given the rallying power of the Democrats, specifically, their anti-Trump campaigns that have forced his white base to clutch their radicalism tighter and wholly reject diversity of any capacity.

The Democrats who have already started publicizing plans to investigate Trump’s tax returns and his relationship with Russia, are hung up on the minutiae aspects of “popular politics” and will do more damage to minorities in the South than good.

There is a slow metaphoric re-shackling of minority groups, specifically blacks that is on the way, but Democrats prefer to continue beating a dead horse by opening superfluous investigations.

The repercussions of this year’s voting trend will continue to manifest itself in hate crimes, police brutality, racial profiling & the obvious biased incarceration of black men.

So while the world continues to laud the Democrats, I’m still pessimistic about the future of politics in America and the acrid racial remnants that it has left in my mouth.