Picking survival skills from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, is currently in its 6 season. For a series to be in its 6th season means its a really good one.

Its not just another zombie remake, as I initially thought back in 2013. Its another zombie remake with twists, turns and high drama to push your adrenaline to its limit.

I picked a few bits and pieces from the series ( yes even whiles the characters were hacking off zombies left right and center) that I would like to share with you.

1. Fight on your own terms

Take the fight to the opposition. Take the 1st move. Be proactive not reactive. The ones to take the first move usually finish the fight as winners.

The lead character, Rick Grimes, leads a team of survivors. Even though they are strong and tough, they cannot win all the time. To last this long, and to minimize his loses he has had to pick his moments.

He has had to learn when to run from a fight, and when to confront it head on.

Its always planned to be to his advantage. Rarely does he pick the day and time for a fight with zombies or other enemies and loses out. Only when the fight is brought to him, he is unprepared or circumstances changes does he fall.

A case in point was when the governor came to his prison. That did not end well for Rick.

He sees Hershel’s head cut off and he has to leave the fallen walls of the prison behind.

2. Numbers count

Who says the fewer the merrier? In sharing dividends that is true. However when entering a fight or attempting to overpower an enemy, or slay a couple of walkers that idiomatic expression is so false.

Just look at this real life scenarios;

  1. Numbers win elections ( Presidents elect will tell you I am right )
  2. Numbers win in business validation
  3. Numbers count in surveys
  4. Numbers count when you are taking on a hoard of walkers or storming the Survivor base ( OK this last one is not a real life scenario )
There’s strength in numbers. Its safer to walk and work in a group. And it holds true when you are trying to start a business venture or other. No one can go through life alone.

We all need help. Its best to not just have one other person in your corner to help you out. However its recommended to loads of them.

3. Use your head ( and survive )

The main characters are resourceful. When in a spot, they get their hands on anything and improvise. Using everyday items in the fight against the apocalyptic end times.

In some situations you cannot always boss your way out of it. That be the time you need to use your head to rationalize the situation. Out think your opponent. Be smarter. Be the smartest guy in the room.

The Walking dead shows us ingenuity at its height. Rick and co come out with plans when they can’t out fight the enemy. So they simply play smart. A case in point is when for the second time, they had to dress themselves as zombies and walk through the hoard because all other options weren’t going to be viable.

Embrace whatever emotion would fuel your creativity. Is it fear. Maybe the fear of death. Its good to be afraid. Is it the want to protect. That maternal instinct is welcomed too. Whatever does it for you, I would encourage you to use your head to overcomes negative odds.

4. Prepare for the bad days

When in the fair weather season, keep preparing for the storm. It may never come. Or it might come sooner than expected.

Actually I see no evidence of that in the series. When they suddenly had to leave both farm and prison, they did not have a plan B.

In both cases when they eventually had to leave they all went abruptly and empty handed. So it should get you thinking

What should happen if your clients stop buying from you?

What about if you just lost your job ?

What about if your project delayed ?

So always have a plan B. Its important. Or you might get bitten by a walker

5. Harsh lessons are needed

Bad experience isn’t always bad. Experience validates your idea of how things should be done. And bad experience makes you tougher.

Carol is the perfect example. Just look at her transformation from abused house wife to stone cold hearted cookie making zombie killer.(She was already making cookies before the zombie killer bit)

Life would throw several bricks your way. Afterwards dust yourself up and learn from them. Take the bitter pill and take the next steps knowing the consequences of such wrong moves in the future.

There are harsh lessons Rick Grimes uses from earlier seasons. For example when He and his group got too complacent at the farm and when attacked they had to take the quick exit. Later he vowed “We won’t make the same mistakes again”.

I will follow up as promised with a look at Empire and the Game of Thrones. Enjoy the rest of the episodes in this season of The Walking Dead. Thanks for reading.