Watson studio for Facial Recognition

Hi Everyone, I want you all to know this is not a form of any advertisement, it’s just a recommendation.

I finished a machine learning course on COURSERA tutored by IBM recently this course was a very interesting one which had materials and tools for practice like CClab and Watson studio, I found interest in IBM Watson studio and decided to use it for a computer vision (a branch of artificial intelligence I love so much) test project which the result was quite good and reliable.

Firstly, I registered for the free trial on Watson studio and I clicked on the Create project Button on the menu bar of the studio, then I picked the option to create a visual recognition project and I loaded it with the data of the pictures of birds, dogs, my pictures, The Nigerian President Muhammed Buhari and The president of the united states of America Donald Trump then I clicked on the “Train” button and it took few minutes and brought the results and an option of testing your model which I used a picture of president Muhammed Buhari and president Donald Trump in the same picture whereby I had this result.

the results of the visual recognition program

Note: make sure you upload at least a minimum of 10 pictures compressed in a zip format. In case you want to Try.

So sorry I couldn’t provide enough picture but I hope this helps. Enjoy!!!!

so i will give a kudos to IBM

Ahmed Olanrewaju IBM Research IBM Developer IBM Watson