Does the number of likes a post obtains determine how valuable its content is?


When I started redesigning my blog, I decided to include an additional feature which consisted of a ‘Like’ button associated with each post, combined with a small text field that would display the number of button-clicks. Those who know anything about static websites will understand that unless I intended to implement a social media plugin such as Facebook’s Graph API, what I was trying to achieve was impossible. This is because my blog is hosted on a static platform called Github Pages.

When I decided to build my blog back in 2016, I originally chose to use Github as a…

A tiny poem

Photo by Thomas Welch on Unsplash

The sun rises up

Like a black ball of mud

The summer breeze wails

Like gale force winds

The dew fall descends

Like sweat on my brow

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Bad news travels fast

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Nowadays our media is saturated with everything that is going wrong in our world. It is not uncommon to watch cities being bombed on the evening news or to hear about a kidnapping on the radio or even to read about modern day slavery going on in different parts of the world. One would seldom be informed about positive events. And in the rare cases where we are, such positive information would always be followed by a caveat to prevent us from exercising too much cheer. Because of this, we find ourselves with an ample well from which to draw…

Dark side of the mind

Photo by Pelly Benassi on Unsplash

Everything I touch
Turns to dust
Whatever I stare at
Will turn to rust
My hatred for darkness
Has turned to lust

The white daffodil
Shields its face
The yellow peony
Withers in place
My mind delights in
Their thirst for grace

Everything I touch
Turns to dust
Whatever I stare at
Will turn to rust
My hatred for darkness
Has turned to lust

A spider squirms
Under my weight
The big black moth
Is nought but bait
My darkness has sealed
Their tragic fate

Everything I touch
Turns to dust
Whatever I stare at
Will turn to rust
My hatred for darkness
Has turned to lust.

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Sight comes in different forms

Photo by yogilightbox on Wordpress

Sitting down
In the shade of an orange tree
With the mosque to his right
and the park to his left,
He takes in the sounds and smells of the square
And revels in the flutter of
An orange blossom
On his balding head,
As he sips the last of his mint tea.

Rising from the bench,
He protects his head
From the scorching sun
With the hood of his Djellaba
As he makes his way towards the junction. …

A short story


Having joined a travelling band, Jolly Tippler was drumming at a carnival in the Town Square. The square was packed with beautiful women dancing to the beat of the drums and other musical instruments. Seeing the light from the huge fire gleaming on the array of smooth dark skin in front of him, Jolly sorely wished he was sandwiched between any two of those beautiful dancers instead of sitting with a bunch of sweaty musicians.

As the sun began to set, Jolly caught sight of a lone figure standing off in the shade of a tree. It was a handsome…

Free Verse — It’s Complicated: Lit Up & The Writing Cooperative Contest

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Please don’t walk out on me,
I promise to do right by you.
Look over here, my love;
My arm bleeds like my heart
Twice torn. Yes, drop your keys
And run fast to my aid.
You’ll find bandages in the cabinet
Above the sink. Blood drips slowly
Onto the kitchen floor;
The sight of it gives me a rush —
Now I know what lengths
I’d go to, to keep your heart beating
For me, as mine does for you.
I’d cut up my other arm,
And my legs too. I’d do it over
And over again, until I become
Nothing but muscle and sinew —
Bleeding for your attention and…

Contrary to popular belief, the royal family has not become more progressive


Yes, a mixed-race girl is now married to the Duke of Sussex. No, the royal family has not become progressive. No, my future as a Black African living in the UK isn’t better for it.

The marriage of Prince Henry of Wales and Meghan Markle has been widely covered by almost all media outlets in the UK and abroad. Not least because it is a Royal wedding, but also because it is the first time in the History of the British Monarchy that a potential Monarch is marrying a biracial individual. While most people are in awe of how progressive…

In a world where spirituality is scoffed at as nothing but smoke and mirrors

Photo by cocoparisienne on pixabay

Having grown up in a Christian family, I was baptised into the Catholic faith as a baby and I attended a Baptist Missionary college. Almost everyone around me was a Christian and the few who weren’t still ascribed to a religious belief of some sort. Although most of the prayers and beliefs I held as a child were influenced by my upbringing, I witnessed a few ‘miracles’ in my teenage years which cemented my belief in God, a higher power whose ways are far beyond human understanding and Jesus Christ, who intercedes to God on our behalf.

Then came my…

Dismantling the double standard associated with this term

Source: Business Insider

Not long ago, Kendrick Lamar was surrounded by some controversy over the use of the term ‘Nigga’. During the Hangout festival in Alabama last year, the rapper called up one of his fans on stage to sing along to M.A.A.D. City — a song from his album titled ‘Good Kid M.A.A.D. City’. For those who do not know the song, it is riddled with the use of this word. The term alone occurs 15 times in the song’s lyrics.

The fan who chose not to censor this term while singing along to the song got booed by the crowd and…


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