Trump’s Messy First Commando Mission Comes Into Focus
War Is Boring

For all the years that the Osprey was under test and development, there were several experienced officers and men who voiced concern about its ability to land and take off under fire; and its difficulty in landing and taking off under any condition, for that matter.

No one argued that the OV-22 could not fly faster than a helicopter in level flight. It was widely acknowledged that it had a greater range than helicopters. The Osprey just doesn’t do the essential thing that Vertical Takeoff and Landing Craft are supposed to do -vertically takeoff and land- nearly as well as the helicopter. In fact, it is much more difficult and dangerous.

I realioze that my conclusion is probably wholeheartedly rejected by nearly everyone in the Marine Corps; but I do not feel that the OV-22 should be considered suitable for combat operations. It should be looked upon as a transport aircraft: to transport troops and equipment to and from safe LZs.

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