A person’s vocabulary can always grow whether you are a beginner or an expert in the language .

Unless you are hiding under a rock , you can’t deny that English has become the norm nowadays . Unfortunately many people are still struggling with the language , but late is better than never …Iam going to put out few pointers that might help you to polish your language , you just need to follow the basics .

Learning and Speaking in English is not a rocket science , it all depends on your interest and the dedication you put .

Let me take you back to my schooling days , when I was in my elementary education the…

A journey into creativity and the brilliant gift of story telling .

Have you ever felt like the best , most comfortable company you have is an over read , frail book you own ? Because that is how I feel about a book series I happened to read 20 years ago . The first ever Harry Potter Book came out when I was in year 10 .

My friend raved about the book and insisted me to read it , I didn’t get it and had no interest in wizards , witches , goblins , elfs or dragons . I ignored the advice , however one night when I was sitting…

“ Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times”.

We choose whether we are happy or unhappy . I also always felt like Iam not completely happy and here in the moment living my life fully because I was always looking at what I wanted next to make me happy . When I was unhappy I focused on the bad things in life . Not only that but I continually thought about how bad they were and would complain and ask ‘ why me' ?? But then I started focusing on the good things in my life …

To My Unbiological Sister ….

Isn’t it strange we always end up praising our Parents , Siblings , Friends , Boyfriend, Husband , In laws …but how often do we talk about our Sister in law ? When was the last time we appreciated their efforts? The smallest things they do to make the relationship strong ? No we don’t , we hardly value the Inputs and Investment from their end .

I struggle with what to say . I don’t know where to start . There are so many beautiful things I want to share . …

How to find the right partner ? ? 🤔

Hello peeps ! I know this quarantine is making us all gloomy and distressing ☹️ . So I thought of Posting something which is easy to the brain and equally Interesting too , “Relationships” yes we all talk about it but find it difficult to maintain . I think it’s the most trending and confusing thing to talk about . It’s so damn difficult to find the correct partner for your self and it can be crazy sometimes . …

There is no such thing called ‘ happily ever after' , if a daughter is not bought up to be capable , independent and having a mind of her own and given rightful space in the society.

Girls have always been grown up in a society where they are forced to be in a certain way which most of them are really not comfortable in. Dowry is one such so called ‘ Tradition' which is been carried out even today . Even today a girl can’t take a stand for herself and fight back the situation and the worst part…


Ok! I really don’t know where to start, I am just writing it down straight from my heart because I believe words from your heart are more beautiful and thoughtful. They give you a power of transforming a simple alphabet into an appealing sentence. Ever since I started writing it made me realize that there is something beyond which can be written, writing does not necessarily define consequential or intellectual words its something which comes from your heart and not from your mind.

I have been writing since I was a kid I still remember I had…

Antara Ghosh

Lust won’t last and love won’t end. :)

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