Things to take away from a book club.

Networking, meetups. I’ll be honest…I’m not the biggest fan. As an introvert, it takes a lot of energy to keep a conversation going about anything, but hey, I’m an aspiring ux designer, so I gotta keep peeling the onion till I cry. Keep digging for the truth, insert analogy here to make statement.

So I, along with some of my cohorts went to ux book club DC tonight. Now, believe it or not, reading the book is really important to making the book club an actual functioning thing.

I know. Shocked me too.

Man, I was in ISL giving the meanest of head nods to shit I didn’t read.

What did you think about this?
How would you rate the first chapter?
And what about the ux frog that hopped around and got vd?

But hey, it was my first time there. Granted, I should’ve at least tried to read the 1st chapter, but I made it to the end unscathed.

So after book club ended, Will (UXDi DC 1. Damn GA run deep!!!) invited everybody to the bar for drinks afterwards and I swear it was like 10 people rolling deep and once we got in it was only 4.

Where the fuck did they go?

But yeah, I mingled with 3 people I’d never met before and it was fun! We talked UX, we talked DC winter, we talked beer, culture. The convo seemed to go smooth like my haxan porter. I learned that it doesn’t take much to get to learn people and it can actually be pleasurable

So yeah, maybe talking with strangers isn’t so hard after all. Now, if only I could talk them into doing a card sort while in a pub.

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